1967 Falcon

This was my 1967 XR Ford Falcon 600. It has had a full panel and paint before I bought it.  My son and I drove it home 1000km’s with an overheatin car, perished tyres, leaking fuel tank (would not hold over $40 worth of fuel), broken handbrake and no wiring to dash and we bloody enjoyed the fun/challenge. After working through the issues and re-colouring the interior, new wheels, painted grill to XRGT, new rubbers, front spoiler and rear wing, new brakes with 3 speed manual transmision on the tree this 250ci 6 clyinder motor with the 2v head and 650 Holley carb pushed out 220hp.

This was one of favourite cars and I miss it everyday.  I only sold it to buy a 1968 2 door american version which fell through due to a wanker who was selling it in Nelson NZ who welshed on the deal.