Car Names

Car Makers Names:

CAMARO    -   Chevrolet Assembled Mustang and Repaired Often

CHEVROLET   -   Cracked Heads, Every Valve Rattles, Oil Leaks Every Time

Cheap Highly Embarrassing Vehicle Runs On Luck Every Time

DODGE  -  Damn Old Dirty Gas Eater

EDSEL  -  Every Day Something Else Leaks

FORD  -  Frigin’ Old Rebuilt Dodge

GM  -  Great Mistake

HOLDEN  -  Heaps Of Loud Diff & Engine Noises

HONDA  -  Had One Never Did Again

MUSTANG  – Motor Under Strain, Transmission Almost No Good

OLDSMOBILE  – Overpriced, Leisurely Driven Sedan Made Of Buicks Irregular Leftover Equipment

PONTIAC  -  Poor Old Numbskull Thinks It’s a Cadillac

PORSCHE  -  Proof Of Rich Spoiled Children Having Everything

HOT ROD  -  If it won’t go, bore it.  If it still won’t go, stroke it.  If it still won’t go, CHROME it…..

Dictionary Meaning of HEMI: (HEM –e)  adj. Mopar in type, V8, native to the USA, CARnivorous, eats primarily Mustangs, Camareo and Corvettes.  Also enjoys smoking a good import now and then to relax.

MOPAR  – Move over people are racing

    Move over Polara approaching raidly

   My only problems are REPAIRS

If your car feels safe, you’re not going fast enough

If you want more inches – Stroke it

The Surgeon General never said anything about SMOKING your TYRES

There is no replacement for displacement

I’m not a mechanic but I know to torque it down till it strips and then back it off a quarter turn

Real cars don’t spin the front tyres… They LIFT them!!!

If you can’t race it or take it to bed, then it ain’t worth having.


1968  Dodge  Polara: Operating Instructions:

Hold throttle wide open until you see God, then Brake

                I live with fear and danger every day, I OWN a DODGE!!

                My DODGE doesn’t leak oil, it’s just marking its Territory

                 My DODGE head Studs require more torque than your CAR MAKES!!

                 My DODGE goes so fast you think you are gonna die.. Then you shift into 2nd… YEAH!!

 Most sports require 1 ball to play… Driving a DODGE requires 2!!!!

               In a DODGE, you Live Fast, Die Young, So ya gonna leave a good lookin’ corpse

               Looking at my DODGE.. Well smile lady… It’s the 2nd best thing you can do with your lips!!

              I own a DODGE… My other ride is your girlfriend

              My DODGE is like a last minute blind date, she aint pretty, but she PUTS OUT!!